Sources Of Business Ideas

Intention to start a business there. But still confused no idea. What kind of business should be developed ? Take it easy, maybe sources following ideas will help you to determine the type of business that you can develop.

1. Employment and Skills
Work we elaborated or skills that you possess a rich source of business ideas appropriate and feasible for you to develop. Of work and the skills you have, business ideas can be fostered. For example you skilled tinkering with computers. Try to think of how many ideas that emerge from their own skills you can develop. Ranging from setting up computer rental, computer servicing serve friends, to provide services to help friends who want to buy a computer. Try to discover the source of the ideas and skills of your other work.
2. Interests and Hobbies
Interests and hobbies that you have can actually be a powerful source of strength to build confidence and motivation to start a business. Generally people will not feel pressure to do what he pleased. For example, some former sportsmen like Susi Susanti and Alan Budi Kusuma starting a business is not much of a hobby and interest in badminton. Well, what is your hobby? What businesses can develop from a hobby that?
3. Experience
Experience or what you and others have experienced is a wise teacher. But not only that, the experience is also a source of business ideas that are very rich. Including a bad experience though it will be burned into memory. From these experiences you can open a new path. If you experience a bad experience, there is an attempt to avoid being it does not happen again. For example, King C. Gilette feel not satisfied because often injured while shaving with heavy and impractical. From the bad experience he got the idea to make a razor light and practical
4. Observation
Observations proved to be a source of ideas that are not inexhaustible to be explored. Of observations mainly around you, may be you will find a source of business ideas. From these observations you can find community needs that might be you filled through a business. Observe, Imitate, then Modify.